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Pilates Cross Training

Control, Speed, Strength


Cross training with Pilates increases an athletes range of motion, reduces the risk of injury, and encourages your body to develop new neural connections. By increasing the training load your body can sustain and accelerating the body’s ability to learn new movements, you can gain a competitive edge.


Massage therapy and Active Release Techniques are extremely efficient in regaining lost range of motion at pointed areas of soft tissue impingement and pain. However, if you are lacking range of motion somewhere else along the body’s kinetic chain, your body may find a way to regain that movement, resulting in a musculoskeletal imbalance or compensation. These small losses—for example, the difference between 44 or 45 degrees of thoracic rotation—can reduce athletic performance, and increase the risk of injury.


Using Pilates for cross training, we'll place your body in unfamiliar orientations and challenge your muscles to work in unison, gaining control, speed, and strength in all planes of movement. The Pilates apparatus allows for as much assistance as needed, or as much challenge desired, for any body type.


Joe Yorio is an amazing massage practitioner. He truly helps his clients get out of pain. He really hones in on the problem at hand and fixes it, using his excellent understanding of anatomy and medical massage techniques. Highly recommended.”


—  K Lay

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